Do Good Frenchie Harnesses Fit Other Breeds?

I get asked so often if Good Frenchie Harnesses will fit other dog breeds. The simple answer is YES! Good Frenchie Harnesses are some of the most versatile and adjustable harnesses available anywhere, which makes them great for almost any small to medium breed dog! 

Our Perfect Fit Harness was designed specifically to fit the unique sizes and shapes that Frenchies come in... which is a WIDE range of sizes and shapes! Some Frenchies are super thin, more like a dachshund, and some are VERY thick, more like an English Bulldog. The Perfect Fit Harness was made to fit them all, from thin to thick, long to short, skinny to stocky, and rolls to no rolls. 

How did we do this? We made a harness with fully adjustable neck straps and a fully adjustable chest strap, in a wide range of sizes based on True Sizing (the measurements of actual dogs). It's the most versatile harness out there, and that's why we guarantee it will fit or your money back. 

Our harnesses have comfortably fit boxers, jack russel terriers, english bulldogs, dachshunds, labs, and other similar breeds! To see if our harnesses would be a good fit for your pup, I recommend checking out our sizing guide. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out! I'm here to help with anything you need.

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  • virginia a russell

    I purchased two harnesses for my five month old Morkie and my four year old Maltese. I got an Xsmall for the puppy and small for my “big” guy. Both are too big around the chest. I love them and they are very well made but just too big.

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