Good Frenchie Was Born

I dreamt my entire life of owning a little bulldog with a squishy face and those dreamy puppy dog eyes. At the age of 30, my dream finally came true when I picked up my first Frenchie baby, Oscar. He has been everything I ever dreamed of and more! 

Before I got him, I knew that Frenchies were a special breed requiring special care and even special products. However, I was not aware that the apparel, harnesses, and accessories in regular pet stores did not even come close to fitting Frenchies. So when nothing fit him, I looked online.

I ordered items from multiple sites that were toted as "made to fit" Frenchies. And while these items did fit better than generic pet store items, they still didn't fit *well*. I was still having to force my baby's big block head through a tiny hole made to fit his neck, not his head. I was having to size up to fit his head and then it would be way too big everywhere else. Knowing I could not resort to collars, it was frustrating for both of us.

With my background and experience in online retail, I decided to solve our dilemma and start working on products made specifically to fit Frenchies. Over a year of research, six months of testing, and thousands of dollars spent and we finally had the Perfect Fit Harness.

It is the first harness made specifically to fit the unique size and shape of French Bulldogs. All of the sizes are based on the true measurements of hundreds of real Frenchies at all stages of life. It has all of the qualities necessary to be the safest, most comfortable, and best-fitting harness available for Frenchies, including adjustable neck-straps; a fully adjustable and removable chest strap; padded, breathable material; dual D-rings; and soft, smooth webbing.

I knew our company needed to provide everything good--good product, good service, good experience... and so... Good Frenchie was born. If you have a French Bulldog, you can shop with confidence! We want you and your furry friend to be 100% happy with your purchase from us, and if for any reason you're not, we promise to make it right with a refund or a replacement on us. ❤️


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