Should Frenchies Wear Collars or Harnesses?

French Bulldogs are a unique breed, requiring unique care, maintenance, training, and products. One question we get asked is why we don't sell collars. The answer is simple: They're not ideal for brachycephalic breeds.

A brachycephalic breed has a condensed snout and often other traits that can make breathing more difficult. They can still live long, healthy, and happy lives with the right care. Professionals recommend using harnesses instead of collars for these breeds to reduce added pressure or strain on their airways.

So what should you use instead? A harness! There are countless options available that are a much more comfortable, but most importantly safe fit for your frenchie. Our Good Frenchie Perfect Fit Harness was designed and developed specifically for the comfort and safety of French Bulldogs and is available in a variety of prints and sizes. 

If you're looking for an option that's better in hot temperatures or climates, we recommend our Good Frenchie Strap Harness. It was also designed and developed specifically to fit frenchies and is a great option for the heat that won't restrict their airways.

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